View near Convict Lake Parking Lot

I spent the morning sending slacks/emails/texts/zoomchats and, between correspondences, emptying my stomach in the bathroom. At 3pm, I ate half of a peanut butter banana sandwich and downed a liter of regular water and a liter of electrolytes. At 3:37pm, we began our journey.

Named for a group of escaped prisoners, Convict Lake proves to be an idyllic oasis for even lesser woes. Though, that is perhaps not a universal truth, given the faces of the local cross country team who were doing laps on the trail.

The first 1.5 miles are on a flat hiking trail. Coolers and fish…

As a product manager, I like to start every project with a premortem. A premortem is an exercise done to figure out how a project can fail and to work backward to ensure those failures don’t happen.

This is the best way I know to set up a project for success.

Crowdsource ideas

I particularly love this if you are new to a team or product, or technology. You’ll learn what everyone thinks (since most folks have at least one concern) and end with a list of advice from the most experienced in their domain. You will also learn the…

I recently moved to Mammoth Lakes and one Saturday afternoon, we climbed Crystal Crag (North Arete).

The approach is a couple miles hike. We started by Lake George, took the ridge line, landed at Crystal Lake and then hiked up a small hill covered in crystal chunks.

At the bottom of the first pitch — continuous section of climbing — snow covered the ground, a reminder of how much summer was yet to come.

We had three in our party and I was last to bring up the pack.

The first pitch was beautiful classic trad climbing. The pitch zigzags…

My first job out of college was working as a software engineer at a HealthTech startup. I learned how websites worked, what “PR” meant, what “PM” meant, and how to work with these “PM”s and designers. But I wish, on the first day, someone had pulled me aside and told me: “be selfish”.

Now, I don’t presume this is a good tactic for everyone. But if you are a people-pleasing woman joining a male-dominated field, then you must be selfish.

So what does it mean to “be selfish”?

It means when someone asks if you have time to help coordinate…

These are initial takeaways from the Derek Chauvin trial in chronological order:

Jury selection

What first stood out to me during the trial was jury selection. Each potential jury member filled out this 60+ question survey. In the section “Knowledge of the Case”, potential jurors weren’t just asked if they’d heard of the incident but rather very specifically:

The Midnight Library follows Nora Seed as first her cat dies on the road, then she loses her job, then she commits suicide, and then she lands in a library. The library is a magical place where she can choose any book and transport to another life in a parallel universe. Each book is a different version of her life where she made one decision earlier that changed everything that came after.

Warning! Spoilers below for Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library!

But before Nora can choose one of these portals, the librarian instructs her to read the Book of Regrets. As the name suggests, the book records every regret…

Red Cone

It took 30 minutes and a lemon luna bar to get a parking spot. During that time, we learned tales of the Simba, Cookie and a 10 ft fur tree in an Outback’s trunk.

Once mounted, we started skinning up next to a nordic track, where snow cats whizzed by and groomed. We saw cross country skiers, snowshoers, and small dachshunds in gingham jackets. I felt like I was at Mammoth Mountain, skiing at the resort.

Ready to go

It started with a three-day weekend, ski resorts at max capacity, COVID-19, and a brand new pair of boots.

To get away from the crowds, we decided on snowshoeing and snow camping.

We parked off the shoulder of 89 near “Big Meadow Tahoe Rim Trail Trailhead”. There was plenty of parking spaces and no permits required.

We crossed the road to get to the trailhead, staggering on ice and dodging cars going at 60 miles an hour. 10 minutes later, we had to cross the same road again, same ice, same speedsters. It was off to a great start.


I don’t feel confident writing about racism. I don’t want to say something wrong and someone says I’m racist.

I know this is a privilege. If you’re black in America, you can’t opt-out of thinking about race. You fear government institutions. You speak out and take action because you can’t imagine leaving a world like this for your children.

I think about being a mother some day. How would George Floyd’s mother feel if she was still alive? I can't imagine the fear and responsibility this woman had.

I am lucky enough to have job security, a stable family &…

Do you remember when you used to stop by for your sister’s or your coworker’s or your coworker’s cat’s birthday party or skip them because you were too tired? Do you remember when you used to be walking and there was a family taking a picture and you’d offer to take one for them? Do you remember when you used to accidentally bump into someone and say sorry? Do you remember when you used to google “diy face mask” and the top result was a cucumber facial treatment? Do you remember when a total stranger would ask you to dance?

Serena Gupta

I haven't heard of me either.

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